A Global Assessment of the Environmental and Social Impacts Caused by the Production and Use of Biof

This report synthesises the biodiversity and social impacts of bioenergy production, mainly drawing on the latest literature related to liquid biofuels. It concludes that, although the volume and quality of research evidence has grown significantly in the past years, gaps remain. Some of these gaps are geographical, while others relate to certain feedstocks.

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Related Topics:
1. Feedstocks
2. Transportation, Logistics and Pre-Conversion
5. Biofuels & Co-Products
6. Sustainability

Related Sub-Topics

Life Cycle Analysis
Literature and research concerning the environmental impacts and sustainability of biofuel production

Biomass Policy
Politics of feedstock issues

Biofuel Policy
Politics of biofuels, Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), etc.

Forest operation

economic analysis

Social analysis

Environmental analysis