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Pacific Northwest Research Station Podcast series: Ecotone
“PNW Ecotone” is a podcast of the Pacific Northwest Research Station that highlights recent science findings, tools, and timely research topics from the 11 PNRS laboratories and centers in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska

Oregon’s Forest Products Industry and Timber Harvest, 2008: Industry Trends and Impacts of the Great
A report from the US Forest Service on the impact of the latest US recession and the forestry trends in Oregon.

Forest Insect and Disease Aerial Survey Data
Maps based on cooperative aerial surveys conducted by Forest Health Protection staffs of the Oregon Department of Forestry, Washington Department of Natural Resources, and the USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Region.

Why Biomass is Important -- The Role of the USDA Forest Service in Managing and Using Biomass for En
Biomass derived from forest areas is useful for both environmental and industrial uses. This article describes the various uses of biomass and how the USDA Forest Service can support these uses.

USFS Woody Biomass Market Development Page
Links and information about the woody biomass utilization markets.

Related Sub-Topics

Forest harvest residues
Forest residues include slash piles, trimmings, and other culled woody biomass from forests.

Life Cycle Analysis
Literature and research concerning the environmental impacts and sustainability of biofuel production

Other biomass
Crop residues and energy crops

Biomass Policy
Politics of feedstock issues

C&D waste
Nonhazardous painted, treated, and coated wood and wood products resulting from construction, remodeling, repair, or demolition of utilities, structures, and roads.

Forest operation

Environmental analysis

Supply chain analysis